A New Presidential Museum & Park in Williamsburg, VA

For several years now these 20 ft tall Presidential busts have sat tucked away on a farm near Williamsburg Virginia waiting for something to be done with them. Presidential Busts LLC is launching a campaign asking for gifts to help us RENEW THE PRESIDENTS * and open a new modern museum for all to enjoy.

We are now working to find interested donors to fund this new museum and give our Presidential busts the honor they deserve. This new attraction would not only showcase the current 43 former Presidents’ busts with the plan to add President Obama and the future President, the museum will hopefully include the following exhibits related to:

The Oval Office
The White House
The Stories of Former Secret Service Members
The First Ladies
Presidential Transportation (including the Presidential Limo and Air Force One)
Spy and Covert Operations Center
We may also leave some of the current busts distressed

CLICK HERE to see Howard Hankins’ recent interview on MSNBC

2016: THE PLAN

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The plan is to open a new museum and relocate these statues to a place where they can be seen by all. They need a new home that will draw in a larger crowd and help educate everyone about the lives of our great Presidents. We want people to learn things about the presidents that most do not know — from their family lives to their greatest successes and even failures.

We would like the experience at the museum to be educational and enjoyable by using modern technology at each exhibit that would “talk” to visitors. The museum might also include a restaurant and possibly a theatre with live historic performances. The goal is to provide an attraction that will be a treasure for all who experience it and that is always changing so everyone will want to return.

In their current condition, the Presidential busts have been attracting the attention of many, including news reporters. Their relocation and Mother Nature have taken a toll on these busts, all of which can be repaired. Even in their darkest hour these busts are truly magnificent to see. One could only imagine how grand they will be when they are restored and moved to the right location.

The key to the Presidential busts new success will be a more exciting museum for them to be housed in.  Alone they are a great site to see but to draw in a crowd we will need excitement.